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Our Services

We supply excellent, practical and cost-effective IT advice and services to businesses, voluntary and educational organisations - especially where internet user protection is a paramount concern.

IT Safeguarding

Cyber Essentials
    Evaluation, preparation, certification liaision and monitoring

    Our solution for protected access to Social  Media  (

Business Continuity
    Make sure that your organisation can keep running effectively when (rather than 'if') crisis or disaster strikes

Advice & Consultancy

IT System Review - does your system meet user needs?

Software and Systems Analysis - are you using effective products?

Strategic Planning - align your IT system capacity and features with your organsational goals

IT Security - are you prepared for when a crisis strikes?

About Trusted Computing Ltd

We believe that IT should be regarded as a tool that generates revenue, rather than just another operating overhead.

KISS (Keep It Stupid Simple) summarises our approach.

Unusually, we complement all your existing IT support services, both in-house and external; our role as impartial advisor allows us to 'bang heads' (when necessary) to ensure that your IT system supports YOUR organisational goals rather than someone else's targets.